A few tips to help you prepare for your Bridal Hair & Makeup trial

A few handy little tips to help you prepare for your bridal trial


1. Have an idea of what you do like and what you don’t like

Have a look online or in magazines (Pinterest is amazing but be warned it is addictive) for styles of hair & makeup that you like- you can collect a few different styles- you might like the front of one style but the back of another one- We will customise it to suit you and your hair type but it is always good to have an idea in your head.

2. Bring a photo of your dress

The neckline, the feel of the dress and the theme of your wedding can help us figure out the perfect style for your big day

3. Bring any hair accessories with you that you might want to use

If you have it handy it is a good idea to bring the hair pieces that you plan on using on the big day- Including your veil- Don’t worry if you don’t have these items yet- you can still have your trial done but if you do have them they help to complete your look so you can see exactly how everything will look on the day.

4. Prepare your hair.

Have your hair washed and dried for both your trial and on your wedding day, I recommend 2 shampoos and then conditioner on your hair from the top of your ears down- Blow dry your hair with as much volume as you can and wear your hair in the part that you intend to wear it for your style. Please try to avoid pony tails/ hair bands before your trial- It can be difficult to work out pony tail kinks and hair that has been combed tightly to your head- I recommend blowdrying your hair upside down and loosely twisting it up on top of your head with a clip if you don’t want to wear it out.

5. What to wear

Try to find something in similar colours to your dress – don’t go out and buy something specifically for your trial but maybe don’t wear a fluro yellow top it can make it hard to imagine what the colour of your lips will look like against your ivory coloured lace dress. Also if you plan on changing after your trial a zip or buttoned top will be much easier to keep your hair & makeup intact.

6. Make sure you have a clean moisturized face

I don’t like to use cleansing products and moisturisers on my clients as I find if there is anything that you are going to react to it will be a cleansing solution- If you are coming to your trial after work it is ok I can remove your makeup that isn’t a problem. Keep in mind that if your moisturiser has an SPF in it it may cause flash back in your photos (that lovely ghost face that you can see in some photos)

7. Bring along your favourite lipstick

I have a large range of lipsticks but sometimes no matter what you try out you can’t beat that trusty lip colour that you wear all the time, For my wedding I went on a long lipstick finding mission and in the end I still decided on my trusty everyday lip colour! Don’t worry if you don’t have a fave lipstick – or own a lipstick at all – this is just for those of us who have lipstick loyalty issues.

8. If you have any known allergies to any hair or makeup products please let me know before we start your trial 

Feel free to bring along any products that you have with you to your trial

How long does a trial take? 

Trials take on average 2 hours for both hair & makeup but this can vary from bride to bride.

I look forward to meeting you and working together to create the perfect look for your special day!

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