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Regular trims/cuts

Cast those split ends aside, Split ends can’t be fixed the only way to get rid of them it to cut them off, if they aren’t cut off the split hair will travel further up your hair shaft and snap off sometimes snapping inches off your precious locks. Make sure you find a hairdresser that you are comfortable with and who won’t take too much off those ends if you don’t want them too.

Deep Conditioning treatments

Once a week I pop in a deep conditioning treatment into my hair and let it sit for at least 15 mins. I’ve read that coconut oil is great to put in overnight but I haven’t tried it yet because the thought of coconut oil on my pillow and having to clean it up / sleeping all night with my head wrapped up makes me a little sad. Focus the treatment on mid lengths and ends because roots can feel a bit oily if you put too much on them. Also once you have rinsed the treatment out finish off with a bit of conditioner on the mid lengths and ends.. Treatments don’t close the hair cuticle down quite as well as conditioner does.

Use a leave in conditioner

Think of leave in conditioner (or a hair oil) like lip balm for your hair – when you walk out in the cold, wind or sun your lips can feel really sensitive and dry – we protect them with some kind of lip balm or barrier.

Avoid heated styling tools

If your hair is anything like mine this is a tough one- I wasn’t blessed with wash and wear hair.. I have crazy frizzy, not quite a curl, wavy messy, overly colour processed (since my recent blonde adventure) hair. This means if I want to go out without styling it I have a very messy top knot bun which doesn’t look the best. I do find that popping in leave in treatment and branding my hair in pigtails helps me get away with a bit of a neater wave for the next day (tip: do not brush out the braids).

Also as a little side note if you are going to use heated styling tools on your hair (including blowdryers) use a heat protectant on your hair!

Colour at your own risk

Lightening your hair is going to cause damage, it’s the way the hair world works. There are products out there like Olaplex which your stylist can mix into your colour to help keep your hair in better condition but it’s not 100%. If you decide to go lighter make sure you find a stylist that it going to get you to your desired result gradually. You and your hair will thank your stylist in the long run.

Most Semi permanent gloss/ wash out colours don’t cause damage to the hair and can be quite moisturising but just remember that any colour you put into your hair makes it hard to go lighter if you ever choose to do so.

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ByMay’s Guide to Super Healthy hair

      Regular trims/cuts Cast those split ends aside, Split ends...
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