My Current Favourite Lip Treatments

I’m a lip treatment addict and always have been, I do suffer from dry lips (because I’m naughty and don’t drink enough water, even though I try my very best to get to 8 glasses). Some days lip treatment is about the extent of my ‘makeup’ routine before I get on with my day and it’s one of those things that I always pick up just randomly while at the shops – like unnecessary stationery supplies (anyone else do this?). Here are a few of my current faves and some of them have been favourites for years and years!

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream

The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour line also does specific lip products but I just love the cream- I use it on much more than lips (dry patches, little rashes on Miss M or even if I have had an allergic reaction to a face product which often happens because my skin is so annoyingly sensitive) I have a few of these on hand – But this little beauty will last you forever! One lives permanently in my kit and I usually get my clients to pop some on their lips as the very first thing that I do.


Napoleon Perdis Lip Service

Another one of my faves, this has a slightly menthol feel to it and leaves lips feeling so so soft! I like that the size is perfect for taking around with you (although mine often goes through the wash because I forget to check my pockets!)


Dior Lip Balm (Splurge)

I bought this little beauty whilst we were overseas going through duty free. It’s a really nice lip balm that changes colour based on your lips chemical makeup (don’t ask me how it works) I get a nice rosy barely there lip colour, I haven’t tried this on anyone else but I have seen others use it online and they seem to get a similar colour.




Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips (Bargain Find)

I bought this recently in Hong Kong, I had some credit left on my Octopus card (prepaid card they use for their amazing underground train system) and found a little chemist that excepted it… so I bought lollies and lip balm with my remaining funds. This is surprisingly lovely for how cheap it was and gives off a similar faint rosy tint to the Dior lip balm. I haven’t seen these back home in Australia but I haven’t been looking very hard as the one I have is still close to full, But I will be searching once I’ve used all of this one up




Carmex (Bargain find)

This stuff is another one that I often find in my pockets, It’s a super easy to find lip treatment which I often pick up on my way through doing the groceries or while I’m in at priceline. another menthol type treatment which is very similar to the Napoleon Perdis Treatment mentioned above – At a fraction of the price it is a great way to go but I do find that I need to apply this a lot more than the Napoleon Perdis one and it isn’t quite as silk smooth to apply.









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