little 20 week pregnancy update

Oh my goodness the half way mark…YAY!

So we had out 20 week scan done this week and got to see our little bundle of joy! When we were asked if we wanted to find out the sex of bub I stayed silent whilst Phil quickly replied with “no thank you”. Honestly it has been SO much harder not finding out with Bub #2. We will just have to wait and see! I have a feeling it might be a little boy mostly because of how much they avoided the crutch area with this Scan whereas they weren’t quite as careful with Maddie’s scan (okay i’m clutching at straws but it’s all i’ve got ok!). Baby’s due date is still Madelina’s birthday so we are hoping baby doesn’t come on that date because i’m not sure if I will ever be forgiven!

Unfortunately the all day sickness (Hyperemisis) is still lingering around so i’m still on the magical wafers prescribed by my GP which makes it so much easier just to get things done during the day – and keep food and fluids down which is pretty necessary.

My bump is really popping and there is no hiding it- although I feel like I popped a long time ago with this pregnancy.

Totally looking forward to the warmer weather coming up- I think it is a little easier to dress with a bump as it warms up a bit – i found it so much easier to dress myself and feel a bit more respectable on our recent trip to Asia where the weather is MUCH warmer.

I was a little sad that we had our 20 weeks scan and that would be it until bub arrived but it turns out that they want to monitor baby a little closer so we get to have another couple of scans done in the third trimester – Yay, it’s so lovely to just see them doing their thing in there and knowing that they are ok, although now that I can feel the kicks and rolls my mind is much more at ease!

Madelina is super excited about the upcoming arrival and often tries to share her dinner with my Belly – hehe cute…messy. but cute all the same. And she has taken a serious interest in making sure that her stomach is nice and moisturised just like Mummy’s!


18 weeks Pregnant
May’s 18 week Bump – Photo by May Bennison – This image is the property of May Bennison and must not be used or published in any way without written consent.



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