Girls Toddler hair – To Fringe or not to Fringe

So I have been growing out Madelina’s fringe for a while now (it’s almost reached her chin!) well.. it had- I cut it all off again this morning. Maddie’s hair like most little ones has hair that flops forward and sits right in her face, then sticks to whatever food remains on her face to make magnificent face food/hair mask of grubbiness.. To keep the hair out of her face we have only a few options:

  1. the fountain on top of her head- Which doesn’t look fabulous, and bit of hair still falls out so we have to re do it a lot – Which is challenging because we are usually running behind her when trying to do her hair or if we have her strategically pinned down her head thrashes from side to side… I have discovered that strapping her into the high chair to be pretty effective for hair time hehe. I have told her that Mummy is a hair stylist and people do pay for her to do their hair so she could count herself pretty lucky… it doesn’t seem to help..
  2. Pig tails on top of her head- same issues as above
  3. Clips to push the hair out of her face which usually slide out 35 times a day and we need to chase her down to re-clip the hair out of her face
  4. Head band which last all of about 3 mins on her head. On a good day.
  5. A fringe- Which needs cutting every 2-3 weeks and she is by far my worst client, Little one’s don’t sit still for hairdressers usually – Especially when they are Mummy!

I think because Madelina has that beautiful super silky hair (She didn’t get that from me) it falls out of styles super easily, I love the tiny clear plastic hair ties as they seem to hold best but pretty little side fringe braids braids slip out so easily. But they are super cute for that 30 seconds even thought it takes about 10 mins to do!

Anyways this morning I couldn’t deal with it anymore and cut her a fringe again! I think it was an instagram photo from @maya.scarlett and Maya’s little fringe that pushed me over the “a fringe must be done” edge.

I recommend that if you do decide to go the fringe route on your little one that you do go to a hairdresser.. I have fixed up (or attempted to fix up, many fringes/cuts done by parents or grandparents who think that they can do the job, thoroughly regret it and book in for an emergency “save my baby’s hair” appointment. I think the golden rule to a fringe is not above eyebrows, or only slightly higher if you want to get a little longer between cuts – but that is just my personal preference.

Anyways now that I don’t have to factor in keeping her hair out of her face in hairstyles I think I will be able to get away with a lot more cute styles and head bands! I will play around a bit and post what I come up with xx







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