Project Propagating Succulents


This is a little project that I have wanted to do for a while- The weather was ok today so I thought it might be a bit of a fun activity for me and little miss Maddie- Who doesn’t love getting a bit of dirt under their nails?!

What you need:

Adult? or Mature succulent

Empty egg carton

Some soil – I used an indoor potting mix… It had a succulent on the front of the packet so I figured it would work.

A pot for the adult succulent to go back into.

I have never actually attempted growing succulents from leaves.. I’ve never attempted to grow succulents period so this is a little bit of an experiment – conducted by a serial plant killer so things could go a bit wrong- Google says it should be ok though.

Anyways I have read a few different post on propagating succulents and thought that if we grew some of our own we could put them in sweet little pots and they could be cute christmas favours – I have no idea how long this process takes – I will update as we go along but they could be little easter favours if Christmas turns out to be too close!


We started off with taking the succulent out of it’s original pot- There were 3 in the pot I had and they were really running out of space. I purchased my little cluster of 3 from a lady in Palmerston who advertised some plants on Gumtree- they cost me $5.


When I pulled the little guy out I noticed that he had little babies hanging on underneath – and some of them had roots! Um yay… that made impatient May very happy, we already had a few babies that we gently pulled away and popped right into soil – Instant win! I wasn’t sure what to do with the little flowers that didn’t have roots so I just kind of sat them lightly on top of some soil. No where I read mentioned babies so I kind of just winged that part.. we will see I guess.



We then went on and gently (Madelina less gently) removed some of the leaves from underneath the succulent and placed them out to dry. An egg carton seemed to be the best way to do this- we had our little cups on one side which is where we put our ready to go baby succulents and the flat tray is where our little leaves are doing the drying out phase. If the leaves are placed on soil right away then apparently the leaves will just shrivel and rot so you are meant to let them form a little callous before placing them to lay on top of some soil. and lightly water once a week until they make roots.

img_8867 img_8873   img_8866

The removal of the leaves is pretty important- you want to have the curve of where the leaf was attached still intact- if this little leaf rips or comes away badly then i’m pretty sure it’s a no go zone and the leaf will just shrivel up and not do much.


Our parent succulents were moved into a little pot and a little tea cup- They look so much nicer in their own space I think. I moved them roots and all but if your little succulent is getting a bit tall here is a link to Needles and Leaves post on how to chop the head off and shorten him again.




I’m excited to show Maddie how things grow and I think if this goes well we might even make one of those little grass heads out of a stocking or maybe even some sprouts that she can actually eat- She loves eating the Parsley out of our little herb garden.

I will update this post with our progress as things start to happen!










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