38 Week Pregnancy update



Oh my goodness what a crazy ride the end of 2016 was!

I finished up in the studio right in the middle of formal/wedding season and had all of my lovely clients to fit in as well so it was a crazy few weeks to say the least!

on top of all of that we decided to paint the inside of our house ( a slow project that is still maybe 1/4 finished) and we pulled the carpet up and replaced it with a floating floor.

All while pregnant, with our toddler here to help out, Christmas and New years with family visits all rolled into the mix!

Now it is the new year- things are starting to settle down again, the floors are mostly done and life is feeling a little more organised. I’ve been seriously neglecting my website and blog but now that things are a little calmer I should be back to posting regularly!

So we are all waiting for this little bub of ours to make his/her appearance, I’m so so much bigger than I ever was with Madelina and this heat/my size and the baby’s position has made for an uncomfotable/sleepless few weeks! Baby is posterior with it’s little head engaged but off to the left.. and has been this way for a few weeks, I’ve been trying to spin the little one but apparently (google) it is hard to spin a baby when it’s head is engaged.


The pains I have had in my back, groin, legs are a little crazy- because bub is spine to spine it presses on my sciatic nerve (which is super common) which hurts a bit, I never had these pains with Miss M so it’s a whole new experience. The leg cramps and indigestion have returned with this pregnancy but I had those with Maddie.

I’m getting lots of lovely little kicks over to the left up near my ribs- making me think bub is quite long!!


Moo Moo’s – it is so hot at the moment moo moo’s have been my saviour. Lots of loose cotton dresses and I almost cry when we have to go out and I need to put on a bra! Bra’s are cruel!


Milk (lactose free), ice-cream, ice-blocks, sweets. Not the healthiest combo but dairy and sweet things are what I have been craving- I think it is also a cold thing because it has been so hot!

Doing: not a lot, I walked a lot more towards the end with Maddie but I still went overdue with her.. With my groin pain playing up mostly when i’m upright the OB recommended i spend most of my time on my left side so I’ve been a beached whale in the aircon whenever I can be! Phil is back at work on Monday so I think my beached life will be limited from then hehe.

The cot is setup and the hospital bag is packed and ready to go – Hospital bag post to come soon.

C’mon little munchkin we really really want to meet you! My due date is still smack on Miss M’s birthday- I will be keeping my legs crossed on that day!

xx May



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