Stylpro Makeup Brush cleaner Review

We went away during the Easter long weekend and on trips away you tend to splurge a little more that what you usually do. We walked by a shaver shop and out the front was a new little brush cleaning device- I stopped in my tracks and was super excited. I bought this little device for $99.00 and here is what I think of it.


StylPro brush cleaner review


For cleaning:

While I was away I used this to clean a few of my personal brushes and when doing one brush here or there its a neat little machine, I do find that I need to go in and scrub away the makeup by hand a bit (I have white brushes so I can tell when there is residual makeup left over). When I sat down with this device to do a large amount of makeup brushes I found it to be fiddly finding the right sized applicator for each brush (i did group them into handle sizes before i started) and because it doesn’t clean the makeup out all that well I had to do most of them by hand anyways, also changing the water for each brush or every couple of brushes became time consuming and annoying.

I feel like the fast spinning actually pushes the water away so this means the brushes don’t get cleaned all that well. I did try spinning the brush in my hand to see if that cleaned better but it just sprayed soapy stuff everywhere (yes a very blonde moment- I’m a bit sleep deprived ok..haha love that i have that excuse to fall  back on these days)

For rinsing:

I do find that sometimes I rinse my brushes under the tap but they still have a bit of soapy residue left over (yes I probably use too much soap but I can’t help myself). I did rinse a few of my brushes using this little machine because while it spins the makeup brush fans out meaning the soap can be rinsed out from deeper down in the brush, the spinning also expels a lot of the soap.

For drying:

Makeup brushes can take a really long time to dry, especially during winter, you don’t want to be too rough with them when squeezing the excess water out and towel drying or they will start to shed. I spun out my bigger brushes and they dried so so much faster so that was a huge plus for me. I tried this with some eye brushes but it does fan out the brush hairs and I like my eye brushes to keep their shape a bit more because obviously you need more precision with an eye brush.

The conclusion:

This is one if those gadgets that is probably cool to have if you are a makeup fanatic and want to have it set out on your bathroom counter to do your brushes as you use them but after the excitement wears off it gets shoved into the back if a drawer never to be used again. It’s not so great for bulk cleaning so I don’t recommend it for makeup artists (although I don’t think it is marketed for this use anyways).

I will keep using it for rinsing and spinning out larger brushes for drying but if I had my time over I probably wouldn’t have purchased it.








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